This cabinet-style pellet stove is built with both form and function in mind. Capacity hopper holds enough pellet fuel for overnight burns (as well as reduced loading on your part), and the large viewing glass with air wash system gives a great view of the fire.


Englander PU-4C442 Convection Blower (Pre-2002 Models)

The Englander Pellet Stove Convection Blower pushes warm air into the room. For Models 2002-Present Use Part # PU-4C447. Works with many Englander pellet stoves. We also carry a variety of other Englander Pellet Stove Parts to upgrade or repair your stove.


Englander Pellet Stove 25-CB120-EPA 2020 Approved

The innovative SmartstoveTM pellet stove was named well. Beginning with a simple, intuitive control board, you can now just press the On button, set your desired room temperature and walk away. The auto-ignition system ensures that the stove will safely light, and the SmartstoveTM control system takes over to ensure…



This cabinet-style pellet stove is built with both form and function in mind. It is powered by an auto-start igniter and our proven, user-friendly control board for quick and easy operation – just press ON and choose your desired heat setting. The auto-ignition system ensures that the stove will safely…


Englander Convection Distribution Room Air Fan Motor PU-4c442 SHIPS TODAY

Fits All Englander pellet stoves that have a 3 stud mount. Existing fan impeller wheel and housing will be used with this kit. This is a replacement Convection Fan Motor for Englander stoves that have the blower motor PU-4c442. We also use this same motor for the combustion / exhaust…


Englander PU-4C442 Stove Small Convection Fan Blower Motor SAME DAY SHIPPING

140 CFM Small Room Air Convection Blower for Englander Pellet Stoves — The Englander 140 CFM Air Convection Blower fits Englander pellet stoves and forces the warmed air from your pellet stove into your living area, allowing your room to get warmer as you increase your blower speed setting. Designed…


Englander Pellet Stoves 250 CFM Large Room Fireplace Air Convection Blower Fan

250 CFM Large Room Air Convection Blower for Pellet Stoves. Durable construction for long-lasting and reliable use. Replaces existing room air (convection) blower on Englander pellet stoves. Works with Englander pellet models 25-PAH, 25-PDV, 25-PI and 25-PUF and multi-fuel models 10-CDV and 10-CPM. 250 CFM is ideal for a large…


Englander fireplace with blower stand alone wood burning stove fire bricks

Englander stand alone wood stove with custom made wall protector Has blower that works and fire brick. Great stove that produces a lot of heat. We used it for years but are remodeling and no longer need. Located in Lunenburg County Virginia Please contact if you need further details. The…