Ebmpapst 5544241010 IPI-075 Fireplace Blower Fan For Bayport 36 And Carlton 39

Ebmpapst 5544241010 IPI-075 Fireplace Blower Fan For Bayport 36 And Carlton 39. We opened the box for pictures purposes. The box is a little bit torn but didn’t affect the item. Please see photos for more details.


Universal Fireplace Blower Fan Kit 14 with Wireless 10-Speed Controller

Universal Fireplace Blower Fan Kit – 14 with Wireless 10-Speed Controller. Designed to improve fireplace efficiency by effectively circulating heat. 10-speed wireless remote for easy control. Smart digital PWM controls for silent, gentle breezes to high-velocity airflow. Built with a quiet and energy-efficient DC motor. Standard-size fan that can replace…


Pacific Energy 80001858 (5024.51) Blower Replacement

Pacific Energy 80001858 (5024.51) Blower Replacement. 80001858 and 5024.51 (old part number) dual cage convection blower replacement blower Pacific Energy fireplaces and stoves that use the MINB. BLOW fan kit assemblies. Features a smooth operating ball bearing blower assembly, 180 CFM, thermal safety switch and impedence protection. Improves the efficiency…


Convection Fan Blower for Regency Fireplace Insert, Regency Blower 910-157/P, Bl

The red wire is for low speed black wire is for high speed. Specifications of The Blower Kit? – Length x Width x Height: 13″ x 4.25″ x 4.5″, Air discharge length: 1″ x 4 7/8″ (each side), Distance between flanges: 3.25″, Motor Type: AC Shaded Pole, Rotation: CCW, Motor…


Empire R7731 Blower Motor Replacement Ball Bearing

100% ball bearing aftermarket Empire. Fits FBB5, FBB4 and other Empire gas fireplace applications. Fits into original mounting bracket and wires to original wiring harness. Quieter than original with no loss of air flow. In fact, our latest generation R7731 improves significantly on the power and air flow of the…


Quadra-Fire Mt. Vernon AE Combustion Blower Motor (SRV7000-588M)

Vernon AE Combustion Blower Motor Only. Replacement Combustion / Exhaust Blower Motor for Quadra-Fire pellet stoves. This is the motor only and round gasket, does not include the housing or housing gasket. Please note: The bolt pattern is for the new style blower, however, this blower does have the bolt…


Empire Comfort Systems FBB-4 Tahoe Premium 48 Variable-Speed Blower

Empire Comfort Systems FBB-4 Tahoe Premium 48 Variable-Speed Blower. Condition: New other–all included items shown in photos and untested unless otherwise noted; Items show general wear from previous transit & warehouse storage. Distressed packaging; labels removed from box exterior. Cargo Largo is not sponsored by or affiliated with the brands…


Universal Fireplace Blower Fan Kit 12 with Temperature and Speed Controller

A quiet blower fan kit designed to boost airflow coming from your home’s fireplace. Suitable for fireplaces with space underneath its floor or compartment to install the blower. The system draws cool air in from the bottom vents, heats it through the fireplace, then forcing it out the top vent…


Replacement Fireplace Blower Kit for Heat-N-Glo, Hearth and Home, Quadra Fire

Replacement Fireplace Blower Kit for Heat-N-Glo, Hearth and Home, Quadra Fire, GTI, Heatilator, Majestic, Superior, Monessen, Vermont Castings Fireplace, GFK-160A GFK-160 FAB-1600 Fireplace Blower Kit. Replacement Fireplace Blower Kit for Heat N Glo: 4000GDV, 4000TV, 5000GDV, 5000TV, 6000CBV, 6000GBV, 6000TVFL, 6000ARCH, 6000BE, 6000BEC, 6000C, 6000CAMP, 6000CF, 6000CL, 6000CLX, 6000 DVTFL,…


GFK-160 GFK-160A Fireplace Blower Fan Kit with Ball Bearings Motor for Heat N

Replacement Fireplace Blower KIT for Heat N Glow GFK-160A; Regency Wood Stove Insert 846515; Royal GFK-160; Jakel; Rotom # R7-RB168; Cross References:Heat N Glow GFK-160A, Royal GFK-160A, FK23, GFK160, G330AN, G330AL, G330L, G330N, G336AN, G336AL, G336L, G336N, G342AN, G342AL, G342L, G342N, A36C, A36CH, A42C, A42CH, ADI-ZC-FB, ADI60, BCDV36, C40, CB4236IR,…